5 Quick Tips For Writing Profitable Adword Ads

  1. Focus on what your customer wants.
    You ad should answer the question of “what’s in it for them”. The better you understand needs of your audience the more focus your ad would be. Use words that they understands and avoid any industry jargons unless you know for sure that your targeted audience are familiar with them.
  2. Write benefits, not features
    Leave the product features on your website. Focus on the benefits that they will get after purchasing your products or services. Make sure the benefits are as specific as possible, for example – “XYZ dust killer cleaning solution can make your desk dust free for at least 5 days”. Avoid overused words like “high quality”, “professional”, “best”… etc.
  3. Most people buy based on emotion, not logic.
    Avoid using “hype” in your ad because most people consider hype to be old fashion and they won’t fall for that. Try not to use too much adverbs and adjectives. And definitely don’t make everything in bold and CAPS and hoping that will get people’s attentions because it won’t – it will drive people away quicker! Make it simple and believable, and back it up with some proofs or testimonials. If your offers looks or sounds too good to be true then it probably will fail. Once people have doubt in their mind, they will put a big wall in front of them and anything they reads after that will be blocked off.
  4. The unique selling proposition
    This is what separates your products or services from your competitors. Why should your customers come to you? The price factor – are you selling cheaper than your competitors? The quality factor – may be you have a product that last longer than your competitors? The service factor – your after sales support is better?
  5. Make sure you ad is relevant to the landing page
    I know this may sound obvious but I’ve seen many ads that have made this mistake. Make sure 90% of the words you use on the title are on the landing page. And the landing page should be the product’s or service’s page, instead of the home page unless you want to promote the company’s name. Doing so will increase the Adword’s relevance score of your ad, which results lower cost.
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