Use Youtube to Promote Your Business

Youtube isn’t just for kids, it can also be used to promote products and services. Many business owners have successfully used Youtube to help them acquire customers and sales. You too can do the same. Video marketing is easy to do and the cost is considerably low compared to the other mediums. To get started you’ll need to open up an account with Youtube. If you are primarily going to use YouTube for advertising your business, you should make the username memorable; either use your business name or something similar to it so that people will be able to relate the videos to your business.

Don’t try to submit every video you find on the net, submit only those that you think people will enjoy. Tutorial based videos are generally popular and it’s great way to build trust as well as showing people that you know a thing or two in your field. Comedy type of videos is also good if you are in a “not so serious” industry like toys, electronics, food, sports, clothing etc. But you have to be very careful not to send out the wrong message.

If you do run out of ideas you could always review other people’s products or services that are related to your market. Only review those that you like and would use yourself. After you have done a few reviews you can send the Youtube video links to the original owners and they like what you done they will ask you to review their next product, and this time, most of them would offer you a free “copy” of their product or some payment. Before you accept their offers, try to find out if they have a strong customers list or a popular website/blog. If so, ask them if they would promote your product or service on their website or to their list.

So now you have your first video on Youtube, but how do you get people to view it? The best way to go about doing that is by commenting and rating. You need to find related videos that are popular and leave comments on them. Try to make your comments relate to the video content, and avoid short comments like “nice video”, “thanks alot”, “cool stuff”…etc You can also comment on other people’s comment if you have nothing interesting to say. When you comment on someone’s video, other people will click on your username to see who you are. When they are on your profile’s page they will see that you have uploaded similar videos. Keep on doing this and you have more and more subscribers.

To make Youtube work for your business you have to use all available options, and commenting is the next best thing you can do after uploading your videos. The next thing is rating, to do that you need to view a video. Once it’s over you can rate it by clicking on the yellow stars.

Both commenting and rating are great way to get your username out there, especially with commenting because human beings enjoy chatting, therefore if your comments are interesting people will want to start a conversation with you sub-consciously, so they reply to your comments. Another good thing about commenting is that your comments will be there permanently.

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  1. Devin

    Keep writing ,outstanding work!

  2. Kack

    Your informations has been very useful for me. There are not many blogs about this subject. I bookmarked your site for future reference! :)

  3. Leon

    Hi, Where do I find video reviewers? I wanted to release some videos for my new product.


  4. Michelle

    This is very valuable information. Thank you for posting. I will definitely be using this.

  5. Cooke Honer

    Next your video can be distributed to over 50 video sites for around $150 and can be with several optimized descriptions targeting your 3 keyword phrases, the video sites are also high page rank and offer great exposure to your potential customers.Get yourself put on google local by a professional who knows how and what to do and when people search for local business they will find you on the front page, that costs around $100 and your video can be put on there too.

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