3 Simple Ways to Build a Website For Your Business

If you have started your own business and are looking for ways to get a website without investing hundreds of pounds, then you will find this short article to be useful.

The truth is that if you do some research on the Internet you will find that there are many tools available to simplify the website building process. To save you time, I will cover three of them in this article and you can decide which one is the best for you.

WordPress – WordPress is free to use blogging content management system. It’s very easy to install and it can be used to build a small 5 pages brochure website or a 500 pages magazine style website. The main benefit is that it allows you to get your business online without spending anything but your time, and you can expand it as your business gets bigger and more profitable. Because WordPress has been on the market for nearly 10 years, most web designers or companies can advice you on many technical aspects, such as how to optimise it for the search engines.

Squidoo – This is a free to use online service that allows you to create your own page on their website. Everything is done on their website. They have all the tools that you can use to add text, images, videos, links, RSS feed and more to your page. If you don’t have much time and you just want something on the net so that people can see your products or services, then this would be a good option to consider. The only downside is that they insert a few advertisements around your contents, which could drive your potential customers away. If you are going to use this option I would highly recommend that you choose a generic name of your products or services instead of your company name for the domain name. For example, if your business sells dog toys, you would register something like www.dogtoyslondon.squidoo.com or www.cheapdogtoys.squidoo.com. Why? Because you cannot use this service as your main business website, and you will need to get a unique domain, hosting and website design when your business is more profitable. When you do, you can get use this “Squidoo Content Site” as tool to drive traffic and search engine values to your main website.

Hosting Companies – You will find that some hosting companies like Goaddy give you website building tools to build your own website when you sign up to their hosting service. Many people are using this method because they don’t the time to find the others, in other words, it’s more convenient. There’s nothing wrong with this if you know for sure the hosting company is reliable and you are happy to use them for a few years or so. If that’s not the case, you might want to spend a little more time in building the website now, and save yourself a lot more time down the road. Why? Because most of these companies don’t allow you to move the website to another hosting company, which you will be stuck with their hosting service! This is the reason why you need to think carefully before using this option.

The best thing to do, if you have the time, it’s to spend a weekend trying out these three options and get feel of which one is most suitable for your business. If you have done experimenting you can pick one method to build your main website and use the other two to build related content sites to boost the main site’s search engine ranking position.

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