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How to Promote Your Website With Articles

Submitting well-written and keyword-rich articles to article directories is good way to promote your business. You get more than one benefit from article marketing. However, if the work isn’t done properly, it can do more harm than good to your business.

Most people who are new to article marketing will face many problems because they don’t understand the right ways of structuring and placing articles in article directories, therefore the results they get would be limited.

Not all article directories are the same; some have good traffic for all subjects while others only have traffic to a few very specific topics, and some doesn’t have any traffic at all. So if you submit your articles to one of the bad article directories, Google will assume your website link is part of the “bad neighbourhoods”.
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Do You Need a Website If You Have Just Started a Business?

You have just started your business and you are wondering if by putting up a website will benefit your business. Do you really need a website if you have just started your business?

The number of Internet users are growing each year. By having a web presence your business or brand will be reachable by more people. Think of the website like a 24 hours sales person that promotes your business 24/7. It’s true that the cost of getting this “sales person” may seem like a big investment, especially if you are just started up. However, if you break down the cost into 24 months, that’s assuming you will use your website for only 2 years, you will realise the cost of this investment isn’t as big as you thought. And if the work is done properly, it will most likely to pay for itself after 3 to 6 months depending on what business you are in.
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