Tips For Helping You to Get a Better Website

Tip No.1

Do you have a marketing plan in place for the new website? – If you don’t have the budget for marketing and you don’t have the skill or time to do it yourself then your website will most likely not succeed. A website is like a brochure, you need to get it seen by people, otherwise it’s just a piece of paper with some pretty images on it. There are many methods you can use to promote a website yourself if the cost is an issue for you. It has to be done if you want to get the most out of it.

Tip No.2

How does your customers find you? – If you own a local fish and chips business then a website would have very little value to your business because your 99% of your customers will never find your through the Internet. On the other hand, if you own a computer hardware store then a website can be very beneficial to your business. You can display your products on the website as well as handling the online orders. It allows you to reach more people and not to mention it’s far more cost effective in the long run if compared other type of advertising methods.

Tip No.3

Do you have any goals for your website? – You need to have a set of goals for your website before approaching any web site design companies. What do you want it to do for your business? Simply by saying “We want more sales” is just too vague and cannot be called as a goal. You should be able to describe your goal(s) with the specific numbers and time frames. Here’s a good example – “Our primary goal for the new website is to acquire at least 10 new customers every month after 3 months of launching the new website. And the secondary goal is to have a place (i.e forum) for new and existing customers to communicate with each other.”

Tip No.4

Do you know what your unique selling proposition is? – If the answer to that question is no then you will find yourself competing with hundreds or even thousands of other companies that just like yours. If that is the case, the only thing you can do is by offering the same service or product at a lower cost and can still make a profit at the end of it. Assuming you are competing on the price level, the price of your service or product needs to be very prominent, because that is your unique selling proposition. By giving this information to the web designer prior starting the project can save your time and his/her time, and the end result will be more effective for your business.

Tip No.5

Do you think the web site designer or company can create a perfect web site for you without any of your support? – If you are serious about your website you need to work closely with the web site designer. By that I mean provide them with as much information as you can about your business, your goals and your expectations before the project starts. You should ask your web designer to keep you up to date on every step of the process. In other words, keep the communication tight to ensure they have a clear understanding of your needs.