How to Legally Steal Traffic From Your Competitors

You probably have heard of Google Adword, and you probably already know that you can get visitors to your website in the matter of minutes… but did you know you can legally steal your competitors’ visitors from it. The real benefit of this is that you get the targeted traffic for a fraction of the cost, which means you will make more profit.

So how does it work? At the time of writing this, Google, Yahoo and MSN allows you to bid on brand names, company names and trademark names on their systems, and it’s 100% LEGAL. So let’s say if you bid on the keyword “Dell”, you ad will appear on the side when someone does a search for “Dell”. The number of competing ads is usually low because who wants to be ranked for the keyword “Dell” apart from the company. That’s what most people thinks, which is the reason why this concept still works because it’s not saturated yet. Just remember that you’re not limited to one brand name per ad, you can have multiple ads on different brand names. Why? Because you want to see which ad performs better. Bidding on brand names/trademark names that companies have invested a lot of money on is a way of leveraging time and money. You only want to do this on well known companies/products, which is why you need to do some research if you’re not familiar with the leaders in your industry.

The concept of this may sound simple, however, to get the maximum benefits from it you’ll need to have some good ads to grab people’s attention. It is more difficult to get people to click on your ads when they searching for your competitor’s name products or services. So do prepare to see the click through rate to be lower compared to the generic keywords, but you will also see the cost of per click is 5-10 times lower. And this is why you need to test the ads. If the results are worst than your generic keywords then try to write a different ad. If you have some good copywriting skills you will able to see more benefit from this concept. I won’t be getting into copywriting right now but if you want to learn more about it I would highly recommend Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Writing book.

Another way to “steal” your competitors’ traffic is to buy misspelled domain names and redirect them to your website. So if someone accidently typed in “your misspelled domain” instead of your competitor’s domain, he/she will be redirected to your website. Ideally you want to buy names that have the same extension (.com .net .org as your competitors’ website. Even if you only get 1000 visitors in a year from that domain I’m sure you will get at least 1 customer out of that, and how much did it cost you to acquire that customer?

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