The Pros And Cons of Newsletter Marketing (Ezine)

There are several advantages of publishing your own newsletter. It’s so easy to start that anyone with access to a computer and Internet can do it. The most important thing you need is a auto responder. Basically you can set it up to send out emails automatically after people have subscribed. Also, you can use it send emails to all the people on your list with a single click, and all the emails will appear as though they were sent by you one at a time. Your newsletters will look more personal and require less time to setup and send.

A well known web based service like Aweber gives you all the features you need to start your first newsletter even you know nothing about coding. It does all the technical stuff for you in the background. For a small cost you can start spreading your knowledge, upcoming products or services, or industry specific news to millions of people in the world. This makes you, the owner of the products or services more valuable thus you will attract advertisers and joint venture partners.

Now that’s all the benefits, what about the cons? Don’t worry the benefits are more attractive than the cons, but it’s important for you to know the cons upfront so that you’re more prepared to tackle them when they appear.

One of challenges of start a newsletter campaign is getting the contents. Creating your contents can be difficult if you don’t have a strong interest in writing and not so good at coming out with ideas. One way to tackle this problem is to create the contents in advance. So you choose a day and compile a month’s worth of articles. This usually helps because you will be focusing on just one thing and make sure you pick a day that you feel like writing.

If you don’t have the time for that or you just can’t write, then you can try to outsource the task to someone else. It will cost you for the service but the articles will be credited to you when you publish them, then hopefully the time you saved is worth more than the cost of the articles, in most cases it is.

There’s a free option of getting the contents if you don’t want to spend any money. Go to article directories like and Use the articles you find there, provided that you include the original author’s info below the article. Do email the authors prior using their articles in your newsletter.

Overall I think newsletter marketing is definitely something that worth considering for your business. It’s a way to keep build a good relationship with your existing customers and also a way to attract opportunities like joint venture partners.

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