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eCommerce Website Explained

What is an eCommerce website?
eCommerce website is an online store that allow people to shop 24/7 regardless of where they are located in the world. This means the online shop is accessible by people all over the world and can process payments while you sleep.

How do I get my own eCommerce website?
There are two ways – One is that you buy some books and/or attend a course on website design and then build it yourself. If you don’t have money but have alot of time then this would be the best option for you. The 2nd option is to hire a web designer to build it for you. You simply tell the person or company what you want to sell and the features you would like to have, and after one – two months you will have a professionally designed website.

What makes a good eCommerce website?
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Finding the Right Web Designer for Your Business

If you have decided to hire a web designer to create your small business website, you will be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of professionals available for this service. How do you know which one will produce a high-quality website for you at a reasonable price? Not knowing how to make the right choice could put you at risk for spending a lot of money only to get a site that does not convey your business message or negatively affects your image. Here are a few considerations that can help you make the right choice which will have tremendous benefits for your business image.

Before you do any shopping, consider learning a little about web technology. At a minimum, you should have some general knowledge about hosting accounts, domain names, shopping carts, image formats, databases, Flash graphics, HTML, PHP and XML. You don’t need to know exactly how they all work but you should understand the purpose of each component. You’ll need to purchase a hosting account if you don’t have your own server for storage of web pages. You will also need to choose a domain name if you don’t already have one. Do you need to store dynamic information in a database? Do you really want your website in what they call Flash graphics? It will perform slower and might not be suitable for those with mobile devices if it does. Anything you can quickly learn about web technology will help you in the long run. Continue Reading »

The Advantages of Professional Web Design vs Doing it Yourself

How you present your business on the Internet can affect the number of sales and leads your business will receive. So if you are serious about your business you should let a professional web designer to handle the building of your business website. Designing a website might seem like a simple task to many people, especially when there are so many software and online services available today that claimed to allow anyone build their own website without any technical knowledge. The truth is, building a website is easy, but building a professional looking website that can help your business increase sales and generate leads is much harder.

A successful website require more than just the skills of designing and using the software; it require a combination of graphic design, web programming, copywriting, search engine optimization, and marketing knowledge. If you believe you have these skills then by means do it yourself, otherwise don’t force yourself to do something that you’re not comfortable with.
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5 Things That Successful Website Owners Have in Common

Is your website providing value to your business? Nearly 90% of businesses have a website now but only a small percentage of them are benefiting from their website. If you want to be part of this small group of people you need to know what they did to get to where they are today, and you just have to do the same. To save you time, we have already done the hard work for you. These are the five things we’ve found in successful website owners:

  1. They track and test everything with the help of tools like Google Analytic. They track the number of visitors, what keywords were used, how long people stayed on site, which is the most popular page, etc. They use this information to guide them for making the right marketing decisions as well as to find out which methods are working for them and which ones are not. Not only do they track their website visitors and marketing methods, they also test different layout designs, headlines, images and promotional offers. Continue Reading »

Did You Know Not All Web Design Services Are The Same?

If you have been in the process of looking for a web design service for your brand new website then you know how difficult it is to pick the right company or designer for the job. Are they all telling you the SAME things and you can’t decide which one is actually better?

I was talking to a prospect on the phone this morning and she said that all web design companies seem to be offering the same service and she’s not quite sure which one to use. Anyway, I’ve given her some advice on phone and she said she will think about it and call me back tomorrow.
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