The Advantages of Professional Web Design vs Doing it Yourself

How you present your business on the Internet can affect the number of sales and leads your business will receive. So if you are serious about your business you should let a professional web designer to handle the building of your business website. Designing a website might seem like a simple task to many people, especially when there are so many software and online services available today that claimed to allow anyone build their own website without any technical knowledge. The truth is, building a website is easy, but building a professional looking website that can help your business increase sales and generate leads is much harder.

A successful website require more than just the skills of designing and using the software; it require a combination of graphic design, web programming, copywriting, search engine optimization, and marketing knowledge. If you believe you have these skills then by means do it yourself, otherwise don’t force yourself to do something that you’re not comfortable with.

There are many advantages of hiring a professional to design your website. A professional web designer in London is likely to be able to design a more professional looking website and in less time than you, so you will be able to focus more on your business. Depending on the value of your hourly rate, you’d most likely be spending less if you hire a professional web designer, and you can get more other things done. A good web designer can put together a professional website, with search engine optimisation, in less than a week. You will be able to get the marketing campaign started sooner, which means the sales will appear sooner also. If you are lucky you will find someone who can do more than what you asked for.

Many freelance designers have skills other than web design, and are happy to do extras for you. The advantage of building a good relationship with freelancers is that you can go back to them for updates, new features on the website and small design jobs and they will most likely give you good rates because you are loyal customer to them. Not only that, they’re more likely to work outside office hours and able to deliver work quicker than big companies.

If you can, do make sure your website is built by someone who understands SEO, otherwise you will need to hire another person for this. If you are tight on budget, you can leave this out in the beginning or try to learn and doing it yourself. The good news is search engine optimisation is easier to learn than web design. You can read books to pick the fundamentals and try to do what you learnt on your own website. So if you have more time than money then I would suggest you do this part yourself. The other advantage of doing SEO yourself is that you will save money in the long run, even if you’re not planning to do all the work yourself! So if you are serious about your business you should let a professional web design agency handle the building of your business website.


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