Content Writing Tips For Your Business Blog

If you have been blogging for some time you know that it needs to be updated on a regular basis. The most difficult part of blogging is finding interesting topics to write about. You need to focus on what your visitors want to read and not what you want to write. But you should be passionate about the topic you are writing, and your readers can always “feel” it.

A great blog post can easily attract thousands of visitors per day, and this could lead to many unexpected sales or opportunities for your business. If there are enough people talk about your post on the net, you will be receiving a ton of traffic to your website, so make sure your hosting server can handle this before the marketing starts.

One thing that you should never do is to treat blogging like writing an annual report. What this means is that you should use simple words and keep things as short as possible. If a paragraph can be written in three sentences instead of four, then do so. Most people have very short attention span on the Internet because there are so much information available to them now days.

When you have found the topic you want to write about, you can start writing in a word processor like Microsoft Word. A good word processor can save you time and more importantly you can doing things spelling checks and formatting before uploading the post to your blog.

Try to post at least once per week. This will give you the benefit of repeat visitors as well as search engine rankings. A lot of businesses are using blogging as part of their sales/marketing process to “get closer” to their existing customers and attract new ones too.

So what do you do if you can’t think of something to write about. Even if you are an expert in your field, you might have the writer’s block from time to time. So here are three tips that can help you to find interesting topics:

  1. Have a look at what other bloggers have said about the subject. An easy way to do this is to use Look around the places like forums, chatrooms and social networking sites to see what people are talking about in your industry. This is an effective way to discover interesting topics that could go viral.
  2. Offline mediums like newspaper, TV, radios.etc can be great sources when you are looking for interesting topics to write about.
  3. Pick up the phone and have a chat with your friends. Don’t try to find the perfect ideas from them directly; just have natural and fun conversations with them and you will be surprised with what ideas they could give you or lead you to!


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  1. Azam

    Well done This article is very informative i agree that content of any business website is the key of business.Your content must be accurate and to the point.
    so if you want to Run successfully your website then you must follow accurate and relivent content.

  2. rachelkovacs

    Thanks for the article. Very helpful. I’m a publisher myself and I always like to read articles like yours.

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