How to Promote Your Website With Articles

Submitting well-written and keyword-rich articles to article directories is good way to promote your business. You get more than one benefit from article marketing. However, if the work isn’t done properly, it can do more harm than good to your business.

Most people who are new to article marketing will face many problems because they don’t understand the right ways of structuring and placing articles in article directories, therefore the results they get would be limited.

Not all article directories are the same; some have good traffic for all subjects while others only have traffic to a few very specific topics, and some doesn’t have any traffic at all. So if you submit your articles to one of the bad article directories, Google will assume your website link is part of the “bad neighbourhoods”.

Understanding the differences among article directories is the key to success. You will find so many so-called “article blasting” services that will spam article directories with poorly written contents, which are often filled with spelling and grammar errors. These type of articles will seriously affect the quality of the directory, and this can happen very quickly because many people are using these “blasting” services. If these sites do not pay attention to the bad contents they will develop a bad reputation, which means the search engines will ignore them.

So what’s the ideal way to get around this issue?
The short answer is to do it by manually. You can use a professional article marketing company or you can simply do it yourself. By submitting articles manually to hand-picked directories you will get the best search engine ranking results. Remember that success is all about quality and not quantity. After all, why would you want your articles on hundreds of article directories that are banned by Google?

When you submit the articles manually you won’t have to worry about getting negative effects in the search engines, instead you’ll get the quality one way links that would give you the value you need. Good quality article directories are normally visited by both humans and search engine bots on a regular basis. Finding them isn’t difficult; a good starting point would be Google.

Once you have collected a list of article directories, you need to visit each one and look at the submitted articles. The next thing you want to check is Pagerank. An easy way to do this is that if you are using Firefox you can install a plugin called SearchStatus. With this simple plugin you can instantly see the Pagerank number at the bottom of the browser when you visit any sites. Avoid submitting articles to Pagerank 0 directories because that’s the indication of banned sites. One last thing you want to check is the Alexa rank. This number tells you how much traffic a site receives. It isn’t 100% accurate, but it can be used as a guideline. If you have installed the SearchStatus plugin you should be able to see this next to the Pagerank – the blue bar. Move the mouse pointer over this blue and a fairly long number will pop up. A good article directory should have the Alexa rank below 1,000,000.

After finding the good article directories, you can then import them into an article submission software like this one here.

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