Use Sitemap to Help Google Find Your Web Pages

It is important to have most if not all of your website pages in the Google’s index, so that your products/services can be found more easily on the Internet. You might want to get the homepage indexed first if your website is brand new. If you need help with that please read this post.

First of all, use this online tool to create your sitemap. It will take a minute or two for the system to go through all the pages of your website and then it will give you the option of downloading the generated sitemap file(xml file). Download the file to your desktop (or somewhere easy to find) and rename it to sitemap.xml. The next step is slightly more complicated, you’ll need to login to your website control panel where all the files and images are, and put the sitemap file in the root folder. An easy way to do that is to find a file named ‘index.html’ and that’s where you should put the sitemap file.

The next step is much easier compared to previous one. You need to register for a Google Webmaster Tools account, it’s completely free and here’s the link.

Once you’ve gone through the registration process you should see the dashboard. Add your website and then click the add link next to your website to add a sitemap. The type of sitemap should be ‘general’ and in the third option you’ll need to type in the name of your sitemap file (sitemap.xml).

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