The Best Way to Track Your Website Visitors

I’m assuming that you already have a website if you’re reading this. But…do you know how many visitors came to your website yesterday? Where they came from? And how long they stayed?

There are a number of services (or software) you could use to track website visitors but the one I would recommend is Google Analytics. Feel free to do some research yourself. The setup process is easy and it gives you more information about your visitors than you will ever need. If you are planning to use AdWord to promote your products/services you will be able to track the click-through and conversion rate in the Analytics control panel as well.

Like most online services, you’ll need to sign up for an account and here’s the link to the sign up page. Once the sign up process is completed you will be able to add a new website profile to your account. All you have to do is enter your website’s address there and then wait for it to process the information. After that you should be given some codes to put on your website. You need to put the codes on ALL of your pages (not just the homepage). Open each file in Notepad or something similar and scroll all the way down until you see “” (without the quote). Now copy and paste the Google Analytics codes between and whatever is above that. Once you’ve done this to all of pages you can upload them back to your server via FTP. Check your Google Analytics account after 24 hours and you will see some data there.

This tool gives you valuable information about your visitors, with it you can find out how effective your new advertising campaign is, which advertising channel is more profitable and many more. It’s important to use the traffic results to guide your marketing direction so that you will get more ROI.

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