Is Your Brand Message Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is the new face of web communication across the business world and it relies on a simple principle, interaction. Gone are the days when the advertising agencies slapped the consumer across the face until they submitted to brand supremacy and hello are the days of consumer power. You simply cannot bully the consumer, you must provide a service they desire and a friendly face that they want to interact with. The friendly face of digital marketing is Web 2.0. Web 2.0 can be found in engaging blogs, online communities and video sharing sites.

So how can you ensure that your brand message is Web 2.0? Start with a simple site which is free from contaminated messages, use a pull factor such as information, games or unique content to entice your consumer and finally interact with the consumer. If a consumer has connected with you then the power of word of mouth marketing fuelled by online communities, is unstoppable. But beware, a bad brand message can destroy your brand because in this Web 2.0 world information spreads like wild fire.

However, the future of online communication is far from set in stone the next level of web communication Web 3.0 is already in its infant stages. Web 3.0 is the thinking internet, an internet which is ‘intelligent.’ Web 3.0 will see applications tailored around the user and search engines which know what you are searching for before you even decide. The brand message will be conveyed to the perfect targets; communications will be pre-meditated and customised to your every whim. This utopia vision is far from the reality of a small business, but the growth of brand messages cannot continue exponentially they will eventually embody a perfected form of intelligent targeting in Web 3.0.

As technology evolves, the capacity to extend your brand message to those who want to listen is growing. Web 2.0 will ignite a conversation and a two way chat. Web 3.0 will build a society where the subject of your email message is assimilated into a targeted mainframe of information. If you are writing about music then you will be exposed to new music discounts. If you are writing about travel then the travelling agents will be shouting out at you with content. Brand messages combined with internet intelligence will increase exposure but will also ensure precision through targeted marketing.

Does all this sound beyond your brand message? Would you prefer to retreat into good old fashioned knocking on doors and a nice simple web interface? To be fair we cannot underestimate the value of real time communication and face to face relationships, however, this will only take you so far within your circle of contacts. The ‘world wide web’ does what it says on the tin. It exposes your brand message to the world.

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