Directory Submission – The First Thing You Should Do After Launching a New Website

One of many challenges following the design of a website is getting it indexed and ranked in the major search engines. There are several different actions that must be taken and an important one is link building. This involves getting links from other web sites and preferably those in the same business as yours. The longer link building efforts continue the quicker your website will start to rank well in the search engines. One process that contributes to link building efforts is web directory submission.

A web directory is the place where you can find all types of business and personal websites. It is much like the telephone directories except with the benefit of searching. Web directories have main categories and sub-categories; you want to make sure the category you submitting to is highly relevant to your website. Always make a directory submission for your website to a directory that you know is read by the search engine crawlers. It helps to improve your site’s rankings because the crawler will be able to read the link’s destination – your website.

There are free and paid directories. Paid directory submission often means your website gets approved by their editors and into their directory much faster. Prices for individual paid directories often seem nominal but consider that if you submit to several of them, you could end up paying a large sum every month. On the other hand, free directories can in some cases be just as effective as the paid but the approval process is not sure and takes much longer.

Use keywords in the website title. Keywords are important because they are used by search engines to rank your site. When you make a submission, you will be asked for the title and a short description of your site. This is where you should use the keywords that you want your website to rank for. Don’t use the same title for all submissions, instead you should use one for about 50 directories and change it for the next 50. The key to make it look natural.

Find niche directories. There are basically two types of links that can point to your website. One is a backlink placed on another website closely related to yours. For example, your website might be selling automobile sound systems and its link is placed on a web page of an automobile customisation shop. In this case, the link is highly-relevant to your website’s content. The search engines like Google will give you more values with this type of links.

It can take some time for the directory owners to approve your link. One thing you can do to improve your acceptance rate is by having a well designed and content-rich web site. Avoid ‘unusual’ domains like .info, .tv, etc.

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