5 Things That Successful Website Owners Have in Common

Is your website providing value to your business? Nearly 90% of businesses have a website now but only a small percentage of them are benefiting from their website. If you want to be part of this small group of people you need to know what they did to get to where they are today, and you just have to do the same. To save you time, we have already done the hard work for you. These are the five things we’ve found in successful website owners:

  1. They track and test everything with the help of tools like Google Analytic. They track the number of visitors, what keywords were used, how long people stayed on site, which is the most popular page, etc. They use this information to guide them for making the right marketing decisions as well as to find out which methods are working for them and which ones are not. Not only do they track their website visitors and marketing methods, they also test different layout designs, headlines, images and promotional offers.
  2. They do not rely on their own ‘experience’ or a friend’s recommendation in choosing advertising methods, instead, they would try out multiple methods, both online and offline, and to let the audience decide which ones are working for their website. Because they are tracking everything, they will be in more control of their budget and know exactly which ones are profitable quickly.
  3. They are constantly looking for ways to squeeze more profit out of every visitor because they believe there is no such thing as a perfect website. They use blogs and social media sites to communicate with their audience and find out their wants and needs, then they use this information to shape their website’s design and marketing message.
  4. They understand their target audience, know what their wants and problems are, what magazines they read, where they spend their free time, etc. They never tried to guess their audience’s wants and needs because they know they will most likely be wrong. Instead, they would gather this information by asking the audience themselves. Some choose to give away products or services and some choose to pay a surveying company to do the job. Whichever method you use, you need to make sure the answers are from your target audience.
  5. They understand the importance of marketing, and they treat it like an investment. Whether it’s search engine marketing or traditional marketing, it can take a few weeks, a few months or even a year before results are noticeable. Success website owners understands this, and they are patience. They do the research, write out a plan and commit to it. They advertise consistently, so if their budget is tight they will run an ad every Sunday for 7 months instead of running it every day for a full week.

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  2. homebreware

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