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5 Proven Ways to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Most business owners purchase a website, tell a few people about it and expect it to get lots of customers or sales. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as that anymore. There’re so many websites online today, and thousands of new ones are being made each day, which means people are having more information (and options) than ever before. Why is that important? Because now people are less patience, they want to spend as little time as possible on your website to get the information they needed, so that they can get on with other things.
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How to Submit Your Website to Directories Effectively

The benefits of submitting your website to web directories are numerous. It can increase the visibility of your website and the number of incoming links. There’re thousands of free and paid directories online today, but only 5% of those are worth submitting to.

The best three directories are Dmoz, Yahoo Directory and Dmoz, also known as the Google directory is completely free but it’s extremely difficult to get your website in there because they only accept quality and established websites. So if your website is new, you probably want to wait a few months. Yahoo and are paid directories, both are well respected on the Internet. The cost is around $300 for one year. If you just started out you may want to try the free directories first, here’s a huge list of free directories.
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The Best Way to Track Your Website Visitors

I’m assuming that you already have a website if you’re reading this. But…do you know how many visitors came to your website yesterday? Where they came from? And how long they stayed?

There are a number of services (or software) you could use to track website visitors but the one I would recommend is Google Analytics. Feel free to do some research yourself. The setup process is easy and it gives you more information about your visitors than you will ever need. If you are planning to use AdWord to promote your products/services you will be able to track the click-through and conversion rate in the Analytics control panel as well.
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Use Sitemap to Help Google Find Your Web Pages

It is important to have most if not all of your website pages in the Google’s index, so that your products/services can be found more easily on the Internet. You might want to get the homepage indexed first if your website is brand new. If you need help with that please read this post.

First of all, use this online tool to create your sitemap. It will take a minute or two for the system to go through all the pages of your website and then it will give you the option of downloading the generated sitemap file(xml file). Continue Reading »

How to Get Your New Website Indexed by Google in 24 Hour or Less

Is your new website still not in Google? The best way to check if your website is in Google is to type (replace the “mywebsitename” with your domain ) in Google’s search box and click search. If you see “no results are found” that means your website is not in Google’s index yet.

Do not use the URL submission form because it takes too long (about 5 week).
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