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Do You Need a Website If You Have Just Started a Business?

You have just started your business and you are wondering if by putting up a website will benefit your business. Do you really need a website if you have just started your business?

The number of Internet users are growing each year. By having a web presence your business or brand will be reachable by more people. Think of the website like a 24 hours sales person that promotes your business 24/7. It’s true that the cost of getting this “sales person” may seem like a big investment, especially if you are just started up. However, if you break down the cost into 24 months, that’s assuming you will use your website for only 2 years, you will realise the cost of this investment isn’t as big as you thought. And if the work is done properly, it will most likely to pay for itself after 3 to 6 months depending on what business you are in.
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