7 Things You Can Do to Improve the Ranking of Your New Website

After your website is finished and live on the internet you should do some final checks to make sure it’s ready for your business and the search engines. It will take some time for a brand new website to rank well on the search engines but by doing these things below will most likely cut down the time.

  1. Don’t rush it. Search engines like to see websites to grow naturally so if you buy traffic and go from getting 1 to 100,000 visitors a day they will know something is not right and will more than likely bump your rankings downwards rather upwards. It can take ages to recover from this penalty so it stands to reason that this is best avoided.
  2. Start blogging. This approach is best for the short term as well as long term. It is wise to have a blog of some kind that you can regularly add content to. The search engines see this as an active site as long as the content is relevant to the site then you should see improvements in the number of visitors.
  3. Back links are a massive part of getting rank well in search engines such as Google. Just like other approaches this should be done slowly so that it will appear more natural. Don’t limit yourself to a single method of getting back links, you can get links from directories, social networking sites, forums, blogs, community sites and many more.
  4. Web 2.0 content. This is a great way of getting quality backlinks to your site above and beyond those from article directories. Creating something like a Squidoo Lens or HubPage will really boost your rankings. These would take less than an hour to create and will be there forever. It is well worth investing some time into creating at least one per week.
  5. The content of your website is vital. Everything needs to be relevant to the keywords that you are trying target. It is important that you include these in the copy and have keyword-rich links within the site. Never force the keywords in or use them excessively because the search engines are now clever enough to spot tricks like this, and they will put a mark on your website to drop its ranking or worst, take it off the database completely.
  6. If you haven’t done anything like this before then no one is going to say that you should be an expert. There are lots of websites, forums, e-books and tutorials online that will give you hints, tips and advice on what you should and shouldn’t do to help your website grow and be profitable. You should spend a few hours going through these to pick up some worthy tips.
  7. Check for broken links. If there’s any broken links on your website the search engine bots will have problem with indexing some of the pages. You can use this tool to quickly check for broken links.

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