7 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Website

Getting a website for your business is just the beginning. You need to promote it if you want to get the most benefits from it. With thousands of websites going online each day, how do you get your website in front of your customers before your competitors? In this article you will discover seven simple methods to promote your website without costing you an arm and a leg.

  1. Start blogging for your business – you can have a third party hosted blog up and running in 10 minutes. Write quality contents that your customers would like to read. A regularly updated blog can drive not only traffic to your main web site, but can also help your website’s search engine ranking. If you are serious about blogging you should host it on your server and use an unique domain for it.
  2. Offer free articles to other websites – most people know that search engines ‘love’ quality unique contents. Contact other website owners and tell them they can post your articles on their websites as long as they provide a link back to your website.
  3. Email signature – by having a small call-to-action message in your email’s signature can greatly increase the chance of being found by potential customers.
  4. Give away a free e-product – e-books or reports are great for getting the words around on the Internet. You need to make sure the information is top notch quality – something that people would normally have to pay for. Never be afraid to give away a lot for free!
  5. Social networking sites – these are web sites where your customers ‘hang out’ and spend time on. If you try to advertise or sell your service or product.
  6. Templates and themes – if you are a website designer you can do this yourself, otherwise you can simply hire someone to design the templates or themes for you. Make sure to put a link at the bottom of all the themes.
  7. Use videos – videos are getting more and more popular on the net now. There are many ways of using videos to promote your website. One good example would be to make a video to show people how to do a particular task. So if you sell fishing rods, then you would make a video on how to choose a fishing rod, what should people look out for when buying a fishing rod and which one is good for beginners etc.

If you take the time to implement and study these seven methods, you will see the traffic of your website shoot up within weeks.

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