Use Articles to Drive Targeted Visitors to Your Website

Do you want to bring more visitors to your website? The answer is article marketing.

Compared to other methods of online marketing, article marketing is low-cost if you can write it yourself and the results are long-lasting as the articles are distributed and remain for a long time.

The method is to write articles related to your website and submit it to as many articles directories as possible using article submission tools.

What articles will you write for your audience? Find out what they are thinking about, their concerns, their problems? How do you know? You can browse through the forums related to your niche and see the kind of questions they ask. Look at Yahoo Answers for clues. Browse through magazines and see the kind of headlines on magazine covers. Feel the pulse of your target readers.

Do keyword research with the free Google Adwords keyword tool. Use phases with three words or more. These long-tail keywords have less competition. Find exact phases with has between 100 to 2,000 searches a month. A good phrase to start with is “How to”

To increase the chance of getting your articles found by the readers, you optimize your articles by putting keywords in the title, in the first paragraph, last paragraph and sprinkle a few more in the body of the articles.

Below each article is the bio box that includes a link to your website. These backlinks will increase your website ranking and increase its visibility in the search result, while a good content attracts readers to follow you via the bio box to your website.

Here are some tips to write the article well. Your article title must be catchy and arouse the reader’s curiosity for them to click on your article to read it. Take some time to brainstorm on the best title for your article.

In your content, do not give the readers all the answers. The aim of your article is to entice them to click on the link to your website. If you give them all the answers, where is the incentive to visit your website. One way is to give them only a few tips and tell them to visit your website to read the complete text for the rest of the tips.

After you have written your articles, I recommend submitting it(manually) to the major article directories such as, and If you want even more exposure then you can use automated submission software submit to hundreds of articles directories.

Before you start doing article marketing you need to know that it’s a long term game. Commit to spending an hour a day to write an article for the next 2 months. You may not see the result immediately, but after 2 months or so you will notice an increase in traffic to your website. Take action today!

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