How to Submit Your Website to Directories Effectively

The benefits of submitting your website to web directories are numerous. It can increase the visibility of your website and the number of incoming links. There’re thousands of free and paid directories online today, but only 5% of those are worth submitting to.

The best three directories are Dmoz, Yahoo Directory and Dmoz, also known as the Google directory is completely free but it’s extremely difficult to get your website in there because they only accept quality and established websites. So if your website is new, you probably want to wait a few months. Yahoo and are paid directories, both are well respected on the Internet. The cost is around $300 for one year. If you just started out you may want to try the free directories first, here’s a huge list of free directories.

What to look for when submitting your website to directories:

  • PageRank or PR (higher the better).
  • Alexa Rank, this shows how much traffic the directory receives (lower the better).
  • The number of clicks from the homepage to your category. (less clicks the better).
  • The number of links that pointing to the directory. You can use this tool to find out the number of links a directory has.

Directory submission can be very time consuming because you need to find a good directory, find the right category and submit your website details. It normally takes about 5 – 10 minutes to do one directory if you’re doing this manually. Fortunately there’re softwares that can make the directory submission process easier and faster. We have tested a few and found this directory submitter to be the best in terms of ease of use and price.

PHP Dir Submit is a tool that will save you hours, it comes with 900+ directories preloaded, when you click on the directory name it takes you directly to the submission page. You only need to add your website details once to the software and it will fill in the information for you when you on the submission page. You just need to double check all the fields to make sure everything is filled in correctly before clicking the submit button. As you can see from the screenshot below, all directories can be arranged in either alphabetical, Pagerank or Alexa rank order, this allows you can start off with the ones that have high Pagerank or Alexa rank.

Finally I would recommend you to create an email address for all directory submissions (for example – because some directories adds you to their mailing list when you submit your website, therefore you will receive a lot of unwanted promotional emails.

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